Xero Integration

Unlock the power of seamless data transfer between Xero and QicWorks.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration Between QicWorks and Xero

Integrating your QicWorks account with Xero just makes sense! Not only do you avoid data duplication and errors, but now your financial advisors can gain deeper insights into your business operations

Set your account up right from the start by pulling existing account setup data from Xero. Then seamlessly push your invoices, bills, expenses, credit notes & all their attachments, as well as payroll to Xero for reconciliation

QicWorks integration offers on demand & automatic data sync’s so you stay in the know!

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Why connect QicWorks to Xero

The QicWorks Xero integration frees up your time so you can focus on growing your business.


Push your invoices, expenses, orders and bills for financial reconciliation.

Payroll & Leave

No more duplicate data entry with timekeeping pushed direct to your Xero payrun.

Account Setup

Save time by pulling existing staff, contacts, tracking, accounts and codes from Xero.


Know when invoices are paid with automated data pulls from Xero.

What QicWorks does

Job Management

QicWorks solves our customers hard problems by making resources and materials rates across multiple jobs uncomplicated. Our integrated schedule, rosters and work breakdown structure ensure you can accurately plan, track and evaluate your job progress and profitability.


Onboarding and protecting construction and trade workers is easy with QicWorks. Our safety module allows you to onboard in a few clicks, create custom proficiency courses, assign the right resource to the job, while having your documentation available when you need it most.


Operate a smooth business across multiple entities with QicWorks. Utilise our inbuilt business smarts to help win more work, increase profitability and grow your business. Regain control and watch your job costings effortlessly flow from estimate to payment.

What Xero Does

Xero is online accounting software that lets you run your business easily and efficiently.

See your up-to-date cash position

Know how you’re doing financially with secure daily updates from your bank accounts and a clear visual dashboard.

Get paid faster and improve cash flow

Easily create and send invoices with online payments and automated invoice reminders for faster payment.

Run your business from anywhere

Access your business finances anytime, from any internet-connected device, and use the Xero app for iOS and Android.

Connect and collaborate anytime

Invite your team and your advisors to work with you in real time from home, office, or on the go using the mobile app.

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Connect QicWorks to Xero in 3 Steps

Step 1 - Signup with QicWorks.

Sign up for QicWorks using our registration form.

Simply enter in your contact and account details on our registration form and Submit your request.
You will then receive a Welcome email detailing your login credentials.
Use these credentials to login into QicWorks.

Step 2 - Connect to Xero

In QicWorks go to Business>Settings and then click on Xero under the Connections menu

Click on the Connect to Xero button
QicWorks is establishing a connection to Xero

Sign in with Xero

Sign in with Xero, and authorise QicWorks to access your Xero data.

Sign into Xero with your login credentials and authentication code
Click on Allow Access button
QicWorks will then ask you to match your Xero account with your QicWorks Organisation and save.
Your QicWorks and Xero accounts are now integrated


Enjoy 14 days free trial by signing up today.

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