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Module Duration Cost Persons (Max) Details
QicWorks Overview 2 hours $400.00 10 Designed for management, this training session provides a general overview of all QicWorks features and advantages.
QicWorks Payroll 2 hours $400.00 4 This course is an in-depth deep dive into understanding staff, payroll, leave, rates, department setup and account package synchronisation. It includes a hands-on approach to payroll setup and is designed for management and hr personnel.
Business / Accounts 2 hours $400.00 4 Account personnel and management will love our Business Accounts training as we step through the QicWorks Business module – taking your invoices and expenses from your Job Costings to your accounting software
Operations - Mobile App 2 hours $400.00 10 This hands-on course has been designed specifically for operations staff. It takes users through the mobile app and includes creating Timesheets, Shift Reports, Time Clock and Visitor log, to capturing field receipts, dockets, purchase orders, as well as completing your digital forms. It includes trouble shooting and synchronisation of your mobile data back to the webserver.
Digital Forms 2 hours $400.00 4 Take your forms to the next level with our Digital Forms training, where users will learn how to create and manage their very own digital forms.
Job Time Management 2 hours $400.00 4 This course has been designed to help operations staff and supervisors fully understand time management. Run through how to capture time via timesheets and shift reports and includes processing time approval.
Jobs Financial 2 hours $400.00 4 Learn about QicWorks Job Financials. In this course we cover setting up your job’s financials, approving costs, through to reporting on your job profitability. This course has been designed for those responsible for job costings such as high-level supervisors, estimators, management and cost controllers.
Job Planning 2 hours $400.00 4 Designed specifically for management and Job Planners this course provides an understanding of QicWorks planning tools and processes.
Module - Training 2 hours $400.00 4 Our Training module course provides hr and safety personnel with an overview of how to onboard new staff members, create training courses, request and update qualifications and automate resource compliance.
Module - Digital Forms 2 hours $400.00 4 Overview and hands on training. Create forms and understand the tools available.
Module - HSEC 2 hours $400.00 4 Overview and hands on training for the available forms and running reports.
Module - Estimating       Not available yet.
Open Session 4 hours $1,000.00 4 This is an open forum where any area or questions pertaining to QicWorks can be covered.
1. Training courses are free for active QicWorks Partners.
2. Accommodation and travel expenses may be an additional cost, dependent on your location and time.
3. Prices are in Australian dollars and exclude GST.

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