Implementation Partner

Why Our Partners have Joined Us

Why Our Partners have Joined Us

Being a Implementation Partner comes with amazing economic benefits. By teaming up with us, we commit to providing you with everything you need to acquire new customers and advance existing ones. In return, you will be given the unique opportunity to increase your profits by selling the worlds leading business management suite.

Indirect sales

We also sell indirectly through the network of our partners. If there is a partner in a region where we see a business lead, we forward it to the partner. Start getting more leads today!

Competitive margins

Our partners get much higher margins compared to industry averages. The more opportunities they convert to real business, the better conditions they get.

Incentive program

We help you motivate your team through seasonal incentive programs. We strive to keep your team fully dedicated to exploring and selling the QicWorks solution.

Joint marketing

We dedicate a significant portion of our own margin to partner oriented marketing. We will support your regional activities because we know that it is the combined effort that brings the best results.

Sales Support

Our team is ready to help you in each stage of the sales cycle. From initial business negotiations and pricing, to complete technical support and project management.

Thorough training

Our partnership starts with comprehensive training in everything related to successful implementation and live operations of QicWorks – both technical and commercial.

How to become a Partner

  1. Read and understand our Partner Terms & Conditions.
  2. Complete the Partner Application Form adjacent.

Partner requirements

QicWorks partners must:

  • Be a registered Australian business
  • Hold a current ABN (Australian Business Number)
  • Have a QicWorks registered account

Partner Application

If you are interested to become QicWorks partner, please fill in the form below. Members of our team will contact you shortly.

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