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Workplace Safety Platform

Having an integrated job & safety system is a win for all, as these two systems are reliant upon each other. QicWorks uses existing Job & Staff details, plus manhours collected within payroll to automatically calculate your TRIFR & LTRIFR.

Take your safety performance to the next level by setting & tracking staff KPI’s. This data can then be feed back into payroll for the payment of safety bonuses. QicWorks HSEC module also has the facilities for you to create your own risk audits, with identified risks automatically added to your Risk Register.

Data collected with the HSEC module can then be used highlight opportunities for continual safety improvements & training.

Event & Injury Management Event & Injury


Complete event & injury forms to capture workplace incidents. These two forms can be linked with actions assigned & managed to close out.

Risk Identification Risk


Identify, monitor & control workplace hazards & risks. Use the Risk Register to re-evaluate the risk rating, assign & track close out actions.

Safety Forms Safety


Complete our top 5 safety forms (JSA/SWMS, Incident Investigation, Task Analysis, Hazard/Near Miss & 5 Whys) & watch as your data automatically updates the Actions register


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