Plant Asset Management

Proactive & preventive measures for improving reliability & production efficiency


Asset Management

Business assets fully integrated into your normal job and accounting system


  • Fully customisable asset register allowing you to create your own categories and subcategories to ensure a perfect fit for your environment
  • Track assets in 60 different ways including by staff member, site and physical location.
  • Schedule maintenance tasks, use the service matrix for a visual representation of what is due when
  • Automated alerts when maintenance tasks are due
  • Check-in and Check-out assets to track who has the assets and when they are due back
  • Complete digital handover of assets in the field including status reporting
  • Attach any type of file to an asset - Pictures, Warranties, User Manuals and more
  • Import/export information quickly to reduce data entry and external processing
  • Add or create your own barcode or QR codes asset tags/labels (Fully integrates with any bar and QR code technology)
  • Fully customisable inspection questions allowing you the flexibility to audit your assets where your assets are located
  • Audit your assets from your PC or via the mobile device

Mobile App Features

  • Retrieve detailed information about your organisation's assets anywhere you go
  • Edit your assets details including condition where they are located
  • Check-in/out your assets with your mobile app with a complete audit trail of who had when and in what condition
  • Update the asset status from anywhere at anytime


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