Schedule and Rosters


Effective Scheduling

Workforce scheduling is an integral component of job management. It needs to consider predicted workloads and then manage resource requirements as needed to complete the job. For many industries it is imperative that they have a dynamic scheduling tool that can effortlessly handle frequent changes in workloads and job durations.

Use our simple drop-and-drag interface, to quickly create or change your job schedules.

  • Drag jobs, supervisors and resources to schedule and unschedule your mobile workforce.
  • Reduce the amount of paperwork
  • Increase resource, management,employee productivity
  • Drastically reduce human errors and other common scheduling mistakes
  • Balance workflow supply and demand
  • Manage costs by optimising resource management
  • Maximise productivity through visibility of over staffing or under staffing
  • Reduce unnecessary overtime and reduce burnout
Planning and Rosters
Drag and Drop

Allocate resources and build rosters in a heartbeat

The roster planner is the most used feature by managers within QicWorks. The simple interface provides a single screen where jobs can be made available/unavailable, resources and staff can be moved around freely.

Poorly planned use of resources can cost companies money. When shifts aren’t planned correctly, it forces scheduled resources to take short cuts.

  • Allocate resources and build rosters in minutes.
  • Share rosters instantly with SMS and push notifications.
  • Share resources across multiple locations.
  • Manage your Allocations and roster from any location.
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