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Access accurate real time information, and have the confidence to make the right decisions!

By using single entry data collected at the source, we replace error prone calculations, duplication and manual data entry, to provide meaningful business insights.

We then use internal business intelligence to identify such things as actionable events, missing or incorrect data, highlight invalid time entries and prequalify staff before being assigned to the Job. Our reports and dynamic dashboards are a great way to evaluate current and future opportunities for growth and productivity.

Use our inbuilt Report Builder to create your own customised reports and save their format for future use. Just remember all of your data is right there, so if you can't find what you are after or need a more indepth report built, please contact our team.

  • Receive automated SMS and email event notifications
  • Download, export & share your reports with key stakeholders
  • Cross referenced data transverses all aspects of business
  • Measure job, resource & customer profitability
  • Create & store historical snapshots in time
  • Link to your document management provider for easy storage
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