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Powerful Business Insights

By using single entry data collected at the source, we replace error prone calculations, duplication & manual data entry so you benefit from meaningful business insights.

Use our Work In Progress calculator & know the earned value of your open jobs in an instance. We have even included the functionality to edit your job percentage complete.

Our reports and dynamic dashboards are a great way to evaluate current & future opportunities for growth & productivity. Looking for a specific report? Simply use our report builder to create your own reports or contact the team.

drilldown dashboard Drilldown


Track business spend against your Work Breakdown Structures & compare quoted, actual, billable & invoiced values. Double click to further drill down into your costs.

Accurate job financials Accurate


Dive deeper into your job costings & know where your money is going with our actual & billable reports. Use the job profit report to ensure you are making money.

Customisable tracking Customisable


Your financial data can be reviewed at business or job level with reports able to be further filtered by departments, tasks, resources, dates, tags & task categories

Time & Attendance

Find out about how you can capture time your way


It's easier than you think. can believe. ever dreamed.

Setting up the initial account correctly is relatively easy as most of your setup data is pulled directly from your accounting package.

We know every business is different, that is why we have a number of different onboarding options to ensure you are set up correctly from the get go. Talk to us or one of our integration partners today.

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