Mobility & Field Productivity

Bringing field workers & managers closer together

Real Time Data

Mobility & Field Productivity

Empower your mobile workforce to operate safer, faster and more efficient than ever before. Not only does the companion app enable you to collect more meaningful field data and remove back-office duplication, but it also allows you to stay informed, in touch and in control.

Use the app to capture real time data including Shift Reports, Timesheets, Leave Requests, Purchase Orders, Delivery Dockets & Receipts. Use our HSEC forms to capture safety data or create your own digital forms for toolbox minutes, audits, surveys or work instructions.

Convert the app to kiosk mode to activate the Time Clock and Visitor Register.

Complete Flexibility

Mobile Application Overview

Comprehensive mobile tool set to allow your field crews to collect and share data in real time.
Providing critical safety documents and instructions right at the work front.

  • Online / Offline mode
  • My Roster
  • My Jobs
  • My ID
  • Time Sheets
  • Shift Reports
  • Time Clock
  • Task Timmer
  • Digital Forms
  • Visitor Register
  • Media Library
  • Document Library
  • Direct Messaging
  • GPS Locations
  • Expenses
  • Purchase Orders
  • Asset Management
  • Transfer Assets
  • Asset Audit
  • Leave Requests
  • Event Reporting
  • Material Management
  • Book Materials
  • Stocktake


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