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Watch as your time data effortlessly flows through your jobs to the accountant


Capture Time Your Way

Save on payroll costs by eliminating errors, oversights & manual processes. QicWorks takes your original time data & automatically applies your pay rules to ensure data accurately. Job costs are instantly updated as soon as the time entry is locked, so you know in real time what your jobs are costing you.

Use our timeclock, timesheets, shift reports or a combination of all three, with all time data pooling to one central location. Time can even be entered via our companion app or direct into the QicWorks website.

Access our in built site visitor register via the Kiosk mode & know who is on site at any time.

Timeclock Time Capture

Time Clock

Convert the QicWorks app to kiosk mode & have your team clock in using a 4 digit pin. Capture time in/out or time on specific jobs. The perfect solution for busy workshops

Mobile tablet Time Capture

Shift Reports

Staff & supervisors can capture time, materials used, photos, milestones, checklists, job percentage complete, GPS & digital signatures direct from the field

Website entry Time Capture


Choose from 14 different group or individual time sheet formats to capture time, allowances, leave & notes. Save time entering data with our auto fill feature

Time & Payroll Approval

Find out more about our streamlined time & payroll approval process


It's easier than you think. can believe. ever dreamed.

Setting up the initial account correctly is relatively easy as most of your setup data is pulled directly from your accounting package.

We know every business is different, that is why we have a number of different onboarding options to ensure you are set up correctly from the get go. Talk to us or one of our integration partners today.

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