Two-step Authentication

Two-step Authentication

Two-factor authentication (often shortened to 2FA) provides a way of 'double-checking' that you’re really the person you’re claiming to be when you log into QicWorks and link to your other accounts.

2FA Frequently Asked Questions

Two-factor authentication is a security measure that requires two or more proofs of identity to grant you access

2FA is significantly more powerful security

The multiple layers make it much harder for criminals to attack your business. Criminals might manage to steal one proof of identity e.g. PIN, but they still need to obtain and use the other proofs of identity.

While it does require one extra step to a log-in process, it provides a much stronger defence for your account. If your password is hacked(accessed by someone else without your permission) and you have 2FA activated on your account—the hacker cannot gain access. They need both levels of authentication.

Having 2FA is not going to remove all risk, however, you are much harder to hack than accounts with only single-factor authentication. This means you are a much less attractive target and you are reducing your risk dramatically.

If you’re travelling or will not have access to your second level for a period of time, consider changing your second criteria to something you will have access to, or obtain some single-use back-up codes.