Managing job costings and multiple labour rates within construction, building, health and professional services is now easy

QicWorks is the answer, providing the latest in digital job management

Regain Total Control

Manage multiple Jobs, Resources and complex rates across multiple organisations, all from the one account.

Watch Your Business Grow

Know in real time exactly what each Job, Task or Resource costs. Giving the confidence to make the right decisions.

Simplification & Efficiency

Gain more efficient use of time by simplified and streamlined data input. Enter data once. Inbuilt logic checks for mistakes.

QicWorks Overview

Built from the bottom up; by and for Trades, Supervisors and Managers who know how a transient workforce impacts business.

Reclaim your time

Have flexibility with our simple, but powerful job scheduling and resource roster interface. It has been built utilising the latest cloud-friendly drag and drop technologies. Interconnected job, drag & drop scheduling and rostering allows for total control. Create job and task templates, clone and pre-schedule reoccurring jobs. View job margins, rate mark-ups and resource productivity in real-time.
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Operate a smooth business

Book time, expenses and create purchase orders all on the go via the companion app or the desktop. Smart technology automatically updates your jobs and rosters in seconds, keeping everyone up to date. Invoice Work in Progress at any time with our unique locking feature. You'll be surprised on how much time this will free up to look at tweaking what needs to be tweaked.
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Complex rates made simple

Use pricing levels to set different billing or charge out rates based on types of work, specific customers or sites. Understand your resource's true cost rates allowing you to quote with confidence.Resource and materials management is made easy through cloning, bulk imports or automatically updated when allocated direct to a job.
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Business on the go

Assign jobs to supervisors & teams. Automated notifications with job, resource, schedule and roster details are provided to all team members. Access job information, complete site reports, update or carry out training, book time, create purchase orders or capture delivery dockets and receipts all from the QicWorks companion app. Set a mobile device in kiosk mode to provide a time clock and job booking solution.
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Seamless accounting integration

Connecting QicWorks to Xero will save you money right from the start. Say goodbye to multiple software applications, data duplication and manual manipulation. Job and Payroll data is entered once, approved and then seamlessly pushed and pulled between the applications, leaving you with more time to focus on building your business.
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Protecting your workforce

Ensure your staff and contingent workforce are competent, trained and licensed before coming to site. Capture and control operational risks. Access your confidential data anytime, anywhere from one secure cloud based management system.
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Form and document management

Create all your digital forms using our No Code Form Builder. Assign, approve, audit or capture risks direct from the field. Use the QicWorks automated email collaboration tool to direct your emails to where they need to be. Easy document storage with automated uploads direct to your Dropbox account.
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We offer a fully integrated system

Key design features of our core product

Providing a cheaper, faster and more powerful solution. Accessible from anywhere at any time.
QicWorks collects and analyses data, providing you with actionable insights related to your business processes.
Our companion mobile app allows employees to operate safer, faster and more efficient than ever before.
QicWorks delivers visibility and transparent reporting, which are key factors in managing any business.
We automate routine tasks and streamline processes, allowing you to focus on revenue and productivity.
We have reduced cost, increased flexibility and improved speed by providing a mobilised solution.

Getting started is ridiculously easy!

DIY with our 14day Free trial or request a demonstration

We offer scalable pricing to suit your business needs

Our fees are determined by the number of system users


$ 145 .95 /month
  • Access and Payroll for up to and including 5 users & staff members.


$ 195 .95 /month
  • Access and Payroll for up to and including 10 users & staff members.


$ 295 .95 /month
  • Access and Payroll for up to and including 25 users & staff members.


$ 395 .95 /month
  • Access and Payroll for up to and including 50 users & staff members.


$ 495 .95 /month
  • Access and Payroll for up to and including 75 users & staff members.


$ 595 .95 /month
  • Access and Payroll for up to and including 100 users & staff members.

Prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.

An additional $5 per user will be charged for accounts with over 100 users.

Deployment Options

It’s no secret that most business put off change.

From our experience, successful deployments need a little help.

Self-deployed Solution.

Take advantage of our Free 14 day trial and start making QicWorks of managing your jobs.

Assisted Deployments

Start on the right foot, contact us today to discuss how we can help take the pain out of getting away smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try QicWorks for free?

Sure, to set up the trial simply complete our sign-up form. One of our consultants will be in touch to verify your details and set up your trial environment.

What access will I get during the trial period?

You have complete access during your free trial. We'll reach out to you during the process to answer any questions you may have.

What happens when my free trial ends?

We will temporarily store your data after your trial period ends. Follow the links in our email correspondence or on our website to upgrade to a paid version.

Is there a deployment cost?

There is no cost for a Self-deployed solution. We will set-up your environment to enable you to get up and running free of cost.

Assisted Deployments - Every business is different so we recommend that you allow one of our representatives to assist you with loading up your legacy data and setting up your account correctly from the get go.

What defines a User?

A User is someone that is marked as active staff member or is listed in payroll.

Where do I get help?

We have a tickets support system, a comprehensive help and video library and provide phone support to assisted deployment customers.

Register for a Free Trial or Demo.

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